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Billig Chips Test 1: EDEKA, PENNY und KAUFLAND

Drachenchips 2/5/ · Auf Wunsch teste ich heute die Feuerdrachen Chips von Penny. Wie hot and spicy sind sie wirklich? Viel Spaß beim Test-Video! Wo ihr MICH sonst NOCH findet: INSTAGRAM Author: JunkFoodGuru. 23/2/ · Ömer isst Drachenchips mit Chili. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue QueueAuthor: efeorhan. PAYBACK Come here for great Obscure & Controversial Lists, which deviate from those boring Top 10's you see on every other Wrestling channel! Würdet ihr ein kleines aus plastik oder etwas größeres aus holz kaufen? etwas kaufst, erhält mydealz u.U. Weiß jemand, wo ich die denn finden könnte. Und wenn ja, welche?ich würde gerne wissen, wie viel Chio Tortilla Chips (ggf. Ganz Liebe Grüße. Ich wollte wie gewohnt meine lieblings Chips kaufen. Die Feuerdrachen von Bravo bei Penny Markt. Aber es waren keine da, ich habe in allen Penny's in meiner Umgebung nachgesehen und dann habe ich versucht sie Online zu bestellen, aber hab keinen Onlineshop gefunden. grizzly tanks / Silver 1 34LP / W L Win Ratio 49% / Ashe - 26W 12L Win Ratio 68%, Lucian - 11W 14L Win Ratio 44%, Orianna - 9W 9L Win Ratio 50%, Morgana - 10W 6L Win Ratio 63%, Ezreal - 8W 8L Win Ratio 50%. Auf Wunsch teste ich heute die Feuerdrachen Chips von Penny. Wie hot and spicy sind sie wirklich? Viel Spaß beim Test-Video! Wo ihr MICH sonst NOCH findet: INSTAGRAM Others were as simple as wishing for a pizza or Feuer Drachen chips. One boy was not expecting his wish for “sparkly underwear” to be granted, but to his embarrassment, it was. Another student wished that K-pop (Korean pop music) would be played in the halls between classes, so we will be experiencing that on Friday. Habe dann meine Mühle ´geerntet` und es kamen auch Drachenchips, dann habe ich meine beiden Kirschplantagen geerntet und es kamen nur andere Chips. Beim nächsten Gold-Einsatz für den Drachenchip-Booster bekam ich 4 Ernte-Booster, damit wollte ich meine drei Apfelplantagen und meine eine Acker ernten. Issei sighed. Not now at least. Either that or they were just lazy. First seen in Isidoro de Sevilla. From the canons of statutory interpretation in law. Later quoted by Seneca as quod non mortalia pectora coges, auri sacra fames "what do not you force mortal hearts [to do], accursed hunger for gold". Also da mihi facta, dabo tibi ius plural "facta" facts for the singular "factum". When Issei staggered into camp Hot Shot Slots Online morning the nun decided to go to bed. This was all so new to him. Selderhuis, ed. Meaning: "war Drachenchips seem pleasant to those who have never been involved in it, though the experienced know Five Slots. Mit dieser Drachenchips wird die orofaziale Muskulatur des kleinen Jungen Online Casino No Deposit Bonus Free Spins. Das Piepsen eines Babys, das Miauen der Katze nimmt nur der wahr und wacht aufder gelernt hat, dass diese Geräusche für ihn wichtig sind. Mit Hilfe dieses Bildes schafft sie es, mit der langen Abwesenheit des Vaters umzugehen, weiterhin Kind zu sein und mit ihren Freunden. Gute Nachrichten Leute: Guten Tag Herr XXX,. ich freue mich Ihnen mitteilen zu können, dass Sie spätestens ab Ende nächster Woche wieder den. › hashtag › drachenchips. Veure tuits sobre #drachenchips a Twitter. Mira què diu la gent i uneix-te a la conversa. Feuerdrachen waren bislang über Jahre bei Penny Teil des Produktsortiments. Doch eines Tages entschied sich Penny - angeblich aufgrund von.

Kampfer Drachen 2 The night was dark. Okay, that was a bad description. Obviously night was dark. Issei felt miserable and it was affecting his perceptions.

His girlfriend turned into a winged monster and stuck a spear through him. Then a mystical plushie turned him into a magical girl warrior.

He could be excused for feeling miserable thank you very much! He glanced down at the plushie in his arms. Vanquished Dragon was blameless. The plush was only trying to save his life.

How could Issei blame him for all this? That honor belonged to Raynare. The damn monster toyed with his feelings and lured him off to die.

Now he was stuck with D Cup breasts. While the size and shape was pleasing, he would rather them on a real girl.

The fact he was missing other parts was locked firmly in the dark. He would deal with that can of worms later. His stomach rumbled unhappily. Lunch was hours ago and here he was skulking around Kuoh at night.

There was no way to convince his parents that he was Issei. What if Raynare wanted revenge? Anyone he was close to would be at risk.

The decision to leave her alive taunted him. His eyes dimmed as his imagination vividly told him what would happen. Not for the first time did he curse all of the violent anime he watched.

The Mahou Shoujo deconstructions were particularly brutal about depicting what happened to muggles. He sounded strangely like the VA for Natsu Dragneel just more subdued.

There had to be a way to fix this. Heck he could even force the change and collapse outside of a hospital. Something to work on.

Issei gave the dejected plushie a little hug. The poor guy was still exhausted after changing him. Then again he was tired too.

The bracelet on his right wrist was still a dull green. The one on his left wrist was more ornate in crimson.

He eyed the green gem in the center for a time. It was pulsing very faintly with light but also felt spent. The giant sword stuck to his back as if by magnets.

That was something else he had to contend with. More experienced Kampfer could will their weapons away. He could pretend to be a cosplayer but even that would wear thin.

Then there were truant officers. The less recognizable he was the better. Bright green hair, large breasts, and a giant sword were fairly easy to spot.

Standing before his home felt strange. Just this morning he walked through the front door like normal.

Now he was returning and the house was dark. There was no going back. Not now at least. Instead he was going to have to sneak in through the window.

Issei always kept his window cracked just a little. Not because he crept inside regularly but because his room was stuffy. Issei nodded briefly to himself.

He bunched his legs before leaping straight for the second floor. Much to his shock it was like being launched out of a cannon. How strong was he in this form!?

The boy turned girl let instincts take over and somersaulted onto the roof. While it was higher than he intended, it would suffice.

Learning about his powers moved up the list. He crept along the roof as quietly as possible before hopping down to the second floor ledge.

The window opened smoothly allowing him entrance. He almost leaped right back out again as he saw his mother. Tears fell silently even in her sleep.

Until this moment he thought it would be easy to go through with this. Well, not easy, but easier. Now he was confronted by the sight before him.

He choked back a sob to avoid waking his mother. Vanquished Dragon hugged him tighter before hopping onto the desk. Issei had to be quick and quiet to avoid waking his parents.

His dad was probably downstairs. Just like the time Issei came home late. His dad yelled himself hoarse. They were really protective of him.

At one time he would have said overprotective, but at this very moment? He wanted that protection back.

The boy grabbed a few shirts out of his closet. Baggy ones that would hopefully fit over his new chest. Sweatpants were next as they had a drawstring.

No way was he fitting these hips in his normal jeans. The boots were fine. In the back of his closet was an old military surplus jacket.

The cap that went with it should hopefully lower his profile. He found a body bag sized duffle folded up on the floor.

It was a beast of a thing and just big enough for the sword. He was quick to change his clothes to something more discreet.

Removing the blouse caused his staring to intensify. The bra and panties that came with the transformation were appreciated. At least that was one less indignity.

The charcoal gray shirt was baggy enough, but managed to be tight in the chest. The next thing to go were the twintails. By pure reflex he used the ribbons to tie the mass of hair back in a low ponytail and put on the cap.

Just another delinquent girl. The extra clothes were put in a messenger bag. His stomach growled again. Issei sighed. Silent as a ghost, Issei crept downstairs.

The sense of nostalgia was overwhelming. How many times did he sneak around the house for a snack? Maybe to catch his parents hiding his presents?

Tears blurred his vision. He had to stop and scrub them free before continuing. His dad was right where he expected him to be: seated in a kitchen chair facing the front door.

He had to be really careful now. His dad was not a sound sleeper. Get in, get food, and get out. Issei hurried into the kitchen and started checking the cupboards.

He grabbed a box of cereal bars and an abandoned bag of ancient trail mix. No one else was eating it. When did they buy that anyway? It was supposed to be for a camping trip that never happened.

Issei wanted to be at the store early for the release of a new Kaben Pinky DVD. He knew where to get water easily enough in the city.

The issue was carrying it around. Issei found a canteen in the hall closet Why was it there? It was only thanks to long experience with his dad that he checked here first.

It belonged to his great grandfather during the war and was passed down, father to son, for generations. Issei felt tears stinging his eyes.

The knife felt heavy in his pocket, but also oddly comforting. He checked the fridge to see if there was anything already made.

Right there on the second shelf was a plate of all his favorites. What was the occasion? Issei carefully took it from the fridge and closed the door.

Some careful searching found silverware already in the drainboard. He wanted to savor the flavor, but time was not on his side.

Once the meal was a fond memory, he made to rinse of the dish before stopping himself. Reflexes would get him caught. Issei set the dishes on the counter before hurrying back upstairs with his acquisitions.

The tent fit in the same duffel as the sword with room to spare. Issei bit his lip at the sight of his mother sitting near the bed. He quietly turned down the blankets and gently scooped her up into his arms.

Issei laid her down on the bed and brought the blanket up to her chin. Damn the tears. He wiped his eyes again. Before leaving he scrawled a quick letter for his parents at the desk.

Not nearly enough, but the false dawn had come. The longer he stayed the less willpower he had to leave. Issei collected Vanquished Dragon at the window.

The plushie brushed the tears from his face kindly. He would never leave otherwise. Instead, he faced towards the uncertain future.

His heart was in the past. Threadmarks Chapter 3 Threadmarks. There was a small area just outside of the city used for such a purpose. By the time he reached the campsite it was almost morning.

He mustered up enough energy to pitch the tent. His eyes were already closing as he collapsed inside of the two person affair.

The messenger bag full of clothes made a wonderful pillow. He was asleep in moments. Vanquished Dragon crawled through the tent flap and took up sentry duty.

His charge was beyond exhausted emotionally and physically. The plushie drew himself up proudly. Sleep was for organics. He would be the perfect guardian dragon.

It was almost enough to make him suggest going to Tokyo. While there were undoubtedly hostilities in the city, the potential for allies who understood his situation was high.

There was just one problem: Issei was a Green Kampfer. There were no Green Kampfer before now. He had a hazy memory of irregular colors being utilized as enforcers by the Moderators.

Did he accidentally make an enforcer? Not possible. The function was locked and could only be released by the Overseer of the Proxy War.

As far as he knew the Arbitrator was in Tokyo. That was another thing. He was remembering classified details. Apparently all Messengers were given certain knowledge to perform their duties.

The details were locked until a situation occurred requiring the information. Things like Moderators, Overseers, and variant Kampfer should have been impossible to recall.

Vanquished Dragon knew more now than he ever did. The fact he even knew the identity of the Overseer should have been impossible.

Only Burnt Alive Lion should have known the things he did! The bastards could not be allowed to find out about this.

Who knows what they would do? They were throwing a hissy fit over the Red and Blue Teams cooperating.

Under normal circumstances their truce would be seen as a form of resolution. How did he know about the truce? Vanquished Dragon was distracted from his musings by whimpering from the tent.

He sighed sadly. Maybe guard duty could wait. There was someone who needed guarding, but not from physical threats. The plushie climbed back into the tent and snuggled up to the sleeping Kampfer.

Issei embraced him in her sleep while slowly breathing more easily. Her troubled rest calmed with his presence. Several hours later, Issei awakened in an unfamiliar location.

Bleary eyes stared at the blue weatherproof fabric without comprehension. The plushie in his arms was vaguely familiar.

He started to scratch at his side only to freeze. His fingers pressed against heavenly globes of mammary flesh. What turned it instantly from Heaven to Hell was the sudden remembrance.

These were HIS breasts. He was a She. His brain blue screened completely. The plushie shivered with dread. How did a collection of fabric and stuffing shiver anyway?

Issei calmed down. You can tell me while I wash up and eat. Vanquished Dragon toddled out a minute later. He checked his phone only to see twenty missed calls.

All from his parents. The time was just after twelve which was probably why his stomach felt empty. His eyes felt gritty and the smell of dull sweat filled his nostrils.

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Radio Episodes See All. See also ab ovo usque ad mala. Motto of Ferdinand de Lesseps referring to the Suez and Panama Canals. Also appears on a plaque at Kinshasa train station.

Based on observation, i. Opposite of a priori. Used in mathematics and logic to denote something that is known after a proof has been carried out.

In philosophy , used to denote something known from experience. Textual notes or a list of other readings relating to a document, especially in a scholarly edition of a text.

Presupposed independent of experience; the reverse of a posteriori. Used in mathematics and logic to denote something that is known or postulated before a proof has been carried out.

In philosophy, used to denote something is supposed without empirical evidence. In everyday speech, it denotes something occurring or being known before the event.

Refers to nitric acid , thus called because of its ability to dissolve all materials except gold and platinum. Refers to a mixture of hydrochloric acid and nitric acid , thus called because of its ability to dissolve gold and platinum.

Used to refer to various native distilled beverages , such as whisky uisge beatha in Scotland and Ireland, gin in the Netherlands, brandy eau de vie in France, and akvavit in Scandinavia.

Desiderius Erasmus , Adagia AD ; meaning "wasted labor". One who prescribes, rules on, or is a recognized authority on matters of social behavior and taste.

Said of Petronius. Sometimes found in the singular as arbiter elegantiae "judge of taste". Originally used by Tacitus to refer to the state secrets and unaccountable acts of the Roman imperial government.

Motto of the Starobrno Brewery in Brno. An opaque circle around the cornea of the eye, often seen in elderly people. Motto of Victoria University of Manchester.

Also "silver coin"; mentioned in the Domesday Book ; signifies bullion or silver uncoined. Or, "for the sake of argument".

Said when something is done purely in order to discuss a matter or illustrate a point. Or "reasoning", "inference", "appeal", or "proof".

The plural is argumenta. An aesthetic ideal that good art should appear natural rather than contrived. Of medieval origin, but often incorrectly attributed to Ovid.

Translated into Latin from Baudelaire 's L'art pour l'art. Motto of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. While symmetrical for the logo of MGM, the better word order in Latin is "Ars artis gratia".

Seneca , De Brevitate Vitae , 1. The "art" referred to in the original aphorism was the craft of medicine, which took a lifetime to acquire.

Motto of Blackburn Rovers F. Motto of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers of the British Army and Electrical and Mechanical Engineering EME Branch of the Canadian Forces.

Award of the Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic for the promotion of the positive reputation of Czech culture abroad. Desiderius Erasmus , Adagia AD ; meaning "an awkward or incompetent individual".

Refers to the insurance principle that the indemnity can not be larger than the loss. Refers to the distinction of free will from astrological determinism.

Used in bibliography for books, texts, publications, or articles that have more than 3 collaborators. This formula appears in the Latin revised edition of Thomas Hobbes 's Leviathan , book 2, chapter 26, p.

Cornelis Jol , [9] in a bid to rally his rebellious captains to fight and conquer the Spanish treasure fleet in Francis Bacon , De Augmentis Scientiarum AD Motto of Queensland , Australia.

Motto of the Canadian Special Operations Regiment [CSOR] on their regimental coat of arms; of Otago University Students' Association , a direct response to the university's motto of sapere aude "dare to be wise" ; and of Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont.

From Virgil , Aeneid , Book 10, , where the first word is in the archaic form audentis. Allegedly the last words of Pliny the Elder before he left the docks at Pompeii to rescue people from the eruption of Vesuvius in Often quoted as audaces fortuna iuvat.

Motto of Tottenham Hotspur F. Legal principle; also worded as audiatur et altera pars "let the other side be heard also". From Horace 's Odes , 2, Refers to the ethical goal of reaching a virtuous middle ground between two sinful extremes.

The golden mean concept is common to many philosophers, chiefly Aristotle. From Virgil , Aeneid , Book 3, Later quoted by Seneca as quod non mortalia pectora coges, auri sacra fames "what do not you force mortal hearts [to do], accursed hunger for gold".

Common ancient proverb, this version from Terence. It indicates that one is in a dangerous situation where both holding on and letting go could be deadly.

A modern version is "to have a tiger by the tail". The Southern Lights, an aurora that appears in the Southern Hemisphere.

It is less well-known than the Northern Lights aurorea borealis. The Aurora Australis is also the name of an Antarctic icebreaker ship. The Northern Lights, an aurora that appears in the Northern Hemisphere.

Epigrammata disticha. Johannes Kinckius. Motto of the fictional Fowl Family in the Artemis Fowl series, written by Eoin Colfer. Motto of the Order of St Michael and St George and of Raffles Institution in Singapore.

Denotes an absolute aspiration to become the Emperor , or the equivalent supreme magistrate, and nothing else.

More generally, "all or nothing". A personal motto of Cesare Borgia. Charlie Chaplin also used the phrase in The Great Dictator to ridicule Hynkel's Chaplin's parody of Hitler ambition for power, but substituted "nullus" for "nihil".

Name of episode 1 in season 3 of Berlin Station. Or, "do or die" or "no retreat". It refers to the practices that a Greek hoplite would drop his cumbersome shield in order to flee the battlefield, and a slain warrior would be borne home atop his shield.

Seneca the Younger , Epistulae morales ad Lucilium , From the full phrase: " necesse est aut imiteris aut oderis " "you must either imitate or loathe the world".

Said of two situations that can only occur simultaneously: if one ends, so does the other, and vice versa. General pledge of victoria aut mors " victory or death ".

Motto of the Higgenbotham and Higginbottom families of Cheshire , England; participants in the War of the Roses. Also the motto for the United States 1st Fighter Wing, Langley Air Force Base in Virginia.

Catullus , Carmen , addressed to his deceased brother. Anthem of Imperium Europa. Ave Imperator, morituri te salutant. From Suetonius ' The Twelve Caesars , Claudius A salute and plea for mercy recorded on one occasion by naumachiarii —captives and criminals fated to die fighting during mock naval encounters.

Later versions included a variant of "We who are about to die", and this translation is sometimes aided by changing the Latin to nos morituri te salutamus.

Roman Catholic prayer of intercession asking St. Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ to pray for the petitioner. Wise only in appearance.

From Erasmus 's collection of Adages. Beata Virgo Maria BVM. Blessed Virgin Mary. A common name in the Roman Catholic Church for Mary, the mother of Jesus.

The genitive , Beatae Mariae Virginis BMV , occurs often as well, appearing with such words as horae hours , litaniae litanies and officium office.

A Beatitude from Matthew in the Vulgate : beati pauperes spiritu, quoniam ipsorum est regnum caelorum "Blessed in spirit [are] the poor, for theirs is the kingdom of the heavens".

Inscription above the entrance to St. Andrew's Church New York City , based on the second half of Psalm From Proverbs ; set to music in a motet of the same name by Orlando di Lasso.

Bella, mulier qui hominum allicit et accipit eos per fortis. Latin proverb [ citation needed ]. Originally from Ovid , Heroides She begs him to stay out of danger, but he was in fact the first Greek to die at Troy.

Also used of the Habsburg marriages of and , written as bella gerant alii, tu felix Austria nube let others wage war; you, happy Austria, marry.

Said by King Matthias. A phrase used by Thomas Hobbes to describe the state of nature. All-out war without restraint as Romans practiced against groups they considered to be barbarians.

Biblia pauperum. A play on " cogito ergo sum ", "I think therefore I am". Medical shorthand for "twice a day". In other words, "well-intentioned", "fairly".

In modern contexts, often has connotations of "genuinely" or "sincerely". Bona fides is not the plural which would be bonis fidebus , but the nominative , and means simply "good faith".

Opposite of mala fide. In law, if a person dying has goods, or good debts, in another diocese or jurisdiction within that province, besides his goods in the diocese where he dies, amounting to a certain minimum value, he is said to have bona notabilia ; in which case, the probat of his will belongs to the archbishop of that province.

A jury or assize of countrymen, or good neighbors. United Kingdom legal term for ownerless property that passes to The Crown. Tiberius reportedly said this to his regional commanders, as a warning against taxing the populace excessively.

Or "general welfare". Refers to what benefits a society, as opposed to bonum commune hominis , which refers to what is good for an individual.

In the film Hot Fuzz , this phrase is chanted by an assembled group of people, in which context it is deliberately similar to another phrase that is repeated throughout the film, which is The Greater Good.

Refers to an individual's happiness, which is not "common" in that it serves everyone, but in that individuals tend to be able to find happiness in similar things.

John of Cornwall ca. From Gottfried August Bürger 's Prinzessin Europa line 60 ; popularised by Heinrich Heine 's Deutschland.

Ein Wintermärchen XI, 44 ; also the title of Joseph Haydn 's canon for four voices, Hob. XXVIIb ; Ludwig van Beethoven set the text by Bürger as a three-voice canon, WoO Contemporary critics applied this epithet to both of Turner's Regulus and See hypergraphia.

Used by the Romans to describe the aftermath of the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains. Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.

Caelum non animum mutant qui trans mare currunt. Hexameter by Horace Epistula XI. Caesar non supra grammaticos. Political power is limited; it does not include power over grammar.

The pen is mightier than the sword. An optical device used in drawing, and an ancestor of modern photography.

The source of the word camera. Perfectly correct Latin sentence usually reported as funny from modern Italians because the same exact words, in today's dialect of Rome, mean "A black dog eats a beautiful peach" , which has a ridiculously different meaning.

Refers to a situation where nobody is safe from anybody, each man for himself. Original name of the video game Bully.

From Augustine , De Trinitate XIV, 8. Written by Tacitus in The Histories to describe Galba as emperor. So aggrandized as to be beyond practical earthly reach or understanding from Virgil 's Aeneid and the shorter form appears in John Locke 's Two Treatises of Government.

Originally an alchemical reference to the dead head or worthless residue left over from a reaction. Also used to refer to a freeloader or worthless element.

It implies a command to love as Christ loved. Motto of St. Francis Xavier High School located in West Meadowlark Park, Edmonton.

Pope Benedict XVI 's third encyclical [19]. An exhortation to live for today. From Horace , Odes I, Carpere refers to plucking of flowers or fruit.

The phrase collige virgo rosas has a similar sense. An exhortation to make good use of the night, often used when carpe diem , q. Carthago delenda est.

The Roman senator Cato the Elder ended every speech after the Second Punic War with ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam , literally "For the rest, I am of the opinion that Carthage is to be destroyed.

Ovid : Metamorphoses IV, ; motto of Alpha Sigma Phi. Spoken aloud in some British public schools by pupils to warn each other of impending authority.

Earliest written example is in the Satyricon of Petronius, circa 1st century C. The purchaser is responsible for checking whether the goods suit his need.

Phrases modeled on this one replace emptor with lector , subscriptor , venditor , utilitor : "reader", "signer", "seller", "user".

It is a counter to caveat emptor and suggests that sellers can also be deceived in a market transaction. This forces the seller to take responsibility for the product and discourages sellers from selling products of unreasonable quality.

Former motto of the Territory of Wyoming. See also Toga Roman military. Motto of the United States Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance , also known as FORCE RECON or FORECON , one of the United States Marine Corps S pecial O perations C apable Forces SOC that provide essential elements of military intelligence to the command element of the M arine A ir- G round T ask F orce MAGTF , supporting their task force commanders, and their subordinate operating units of the F leet M arine F orce FMF.

Or simply "faster than cooking asparagus". A variant of the Roman phrase velocius quam asparagi coquantur , using a different adverb and an alternative mood and spelling of coquere.

In law, it is a return made by the sheriff, upon a capias , or other process to the like purpose; signifying, that he has taken the body of the party.

See also habeas corpus. A rule of law becomes ineffective when the reason for its application has ceased to exist or does not correspond to the reality anymore.

By Gratian. The form of a pardon for killing another man in self-defence see manslaughter. The form of a pardon of a man who is outlawed.

Also called perdonatio utlagariae. Cicero 's speech in 57 BC to regain his confiscated house. In logic, begging the question , a fallacy involving the presupposition of a proposition in one of the premises see petitio principii.

In science, a positive feedback loop. In economics, a counterpart to the virtuous circle. Is a phrase used in Cicero's In Verrem as a plea for the legal rights of a Roman citizen.

A writ whereby the king of England could command the justice to admit one's claim by an attorney, who being employed in the king's service, cannot come in person.

A legal action for trespass to land; so called, because the writ demands the person summoned to answer wherefore he broke the close quare clausum fregit , i.

The means of discovering hidden or mysterious meanings in texts, particularly applied in theology and alchemy.

In law, a writ directed to the bishop, for the admitting a clerk to a benefice upon a ne admittas , tried, and found for the party who procures the writ.

In law, a writ for the delivery of a clerk out of prison, who is imprisoned upon the breach of statute merchant. In law, a writ for the delivery of a clerk to his ordinary, that was formerly convicted of felony; by reason that his ordinary did not challenge him according to the privilege of clerks.

In law, a writ directed to the bailiffs, etc. The official code of canon law in the Roman Catholic Church cf.

Corpus Iuris Canonici. Cogitationis poenam nemo patitur. Aborting sexual intercourse prior to ejaculation —the only permitted form of birth control in some religions.

A medical euphemism for the doggy-style sexual position. Exhortation to enjoy fully the youth, similar to Carpe diem , from "De rosis nascentibus" also titled "Idyllium de rosis" , attributed to Ausonius or Virgil.

It is frequently abbreviated comb. It is used in the life sciences literature when a new name is introduced, e.

Klebsiella granulomatis comb. One year with another; on an average. A term frequently used among philosophical and other writers, implying some medium, or mean relation between several places; one place with another; on a medium.

Describes someone of sound mind. Learn how major law firms express legal terms in French, Spanish, and German. Whatever your field, always find the expert's translation.

Look up in Linguee Suggest as a translation of "" Copy. DeepL Translator Linguee.

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